Write…don’t call

If you want to get a hold of me then email it, blog it, text it, facebook it – but DON’T call me! My phone is always on vibrate. I never answer my phone (just ask Mark).

Is this bad for building relationships?? NO, NO, NO!!! We actually invited a couple to church over facebook last week! They came, we ate lunch, they got excited about ORCC and now they are offically connected – and it all started online. Oh yeah…the best part of this story is that the couple is in their 50s!!!

I keep up with my friends all week long by reading their blogs. I text my husband sweet nothings in the middle of a meeting. We get people coming to church over facebook.

When I do finally see these people face-to-face, I am sure that I pay attention to them and it becomes an authentic connection in person (you can’t leave that part out).

Yes, I love technology!


13 thoughts on “Write…don’t call

  1. I love tehcnology,

    but i must say….i’ve never looked at this way. What happens if you can’t get on to facebook, and your cellphone breaks? i must say, i do like phone conversations. :o)

    But this is an authentic way to communicate. :o)

    check out my blog

  2. That’s great the couple was in their 50’s!!!! Man, you and Mark are cool. I’d check out your worship service if I was in Denver. I bet you guys are passionate worshippers!

  3. “Yes i love technology but not as much as you you see, but i stillll love technology… always and forever.”

    -bonus scene in Napoleon Dynamite.

  4. Ric – HA! Thanks for pointing that out…I thought about it last night and thought that the fact that I mention they are in their 50s was pretty funny.

    I think that was more for people at our church who think there’s a huge generation gap – there’s not as big as a gap as we think!

  5. i. love. you. yes i do.

    i dont like the phone. at all. mine is on silent half the week. i even forget about it. and when i DO turn it on. i dread hearing it ring. which is why i have “brick house” as my ringtone. it helps soothe the twitch that comes with the ring. BUT…because i like that song so much…i usually listen to it as long as i can and ultimately end up missing the call anyway.

    so i ask myself.


    why DO YOU have a phone???

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