100 Blog Posts!

Today is a milestone for me.

Today, I realize that blogging for only a couple of months has already helped me develop character, determination, endurance, faithfullness, vulnerability, dedication and trust.

This is my 100th blog post. I have never written in a journal consistenly, and I really thought that this blog would fade away after a week or two – I have always considered myself a strong starter, but I lack endurance.

Fortunately, I met a community of people who have become so influential and special in my life, that blogging is just like being a part of a really strange and disfunctional long-distance family (I love you all!)

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. You make me feel loved, liked, and some of you make me laugh really hard.

Here’s to the next 100!


11 thoughts on “100 Blog Posts!

  1. Your kick’n booty now!
    With the interesting, funny, and sometimes questionable (sequin shirt with leggings and flip flops) subjects, I’ll return for more!

    Keep smiling, and keep writing!

  2. i thought the same thing, that I would fade away after a couple weeks, but look at us excited about something AND being consistent. We deserve a metal…or a molten chocolate cake from Via Baici. Mark will be so annoyed!

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