Live Life Like You Are Free

What if I lived life like I was free? Free from addictions, depression, anxiety, worry, tempation, distraction, sin, hurts, lies and fear…

What would my life look like? What could I accomplish if I would just believe I am free and lived like it? I will undoubtedly screw things up, but what if I could get up – brush myself off – and live like I am free again??

I could do anything…literally ANYTHING! I would have the hope of all of the world in my heart.

Last night, we sang a song shouted an anthem…it simply went: “WE SHOUT IT OUT – WE’RE FREE”

This anthem is a declaration and a kick in Satan’s face – and today I am deciding to live like I’m free (judiFREE)

JudiFREE being FREE (taken at Catalyst right after our anthem shouting)

JudiFREE being FREE (taken at Catalyst right after our anthem shouting)


14 thoughts on “Live Life Like You Are Free

  1. Unfortunately we forget how great the taste of freedom is until we lose it, or for some never had. Your spirit is just busting out of this picture, and the excitement of freedom can be felt right thru the image. Keep spreading the energy of God, and with that smile many will follow!

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