Morning Bliss

This morning, I got up 20 minutes early before Mark got up and did the following:

  1. put on a long robe
  2. poured a bowl of fruit loops in my favorite bowl with my favorite spoon
  3. sat on the patio with my feet up on a chair and slowly ate my delectable breakfast
  4. read 2 chapters in Luke

The whole ordeal was only about 20 minutes – but it was just what I needed to shape my day. It was peaceful, awakening, and real. I hope to have more mornings like this. I hope I can start everyday by giving God some time and focus. This is where worship begins. This is where life really starts. And yet, I complain all of the time about not having enough time to spend with God…

What else could I do and accomplish if I just got up early by 20 more minutes?? Excercise, Laundry, Dishes…everything else on my list that I’m just to “busy” for???

Where else do you “find” time?? I’m in need of some more!

Morning Fuel

Morning Fuel


7 thoughts on “Morning Bliss

  1. Found you via In Progress. Read your comment on blogs being inspirational. Me too? I’m a new blogger. Just curious, how do you explain this to ney sayers? Not that I am trying to convince or receive approval. Am simply finding myself stuck. I try to explain that it has replaced magazing and tv time, and put me in a neat community who happen to mostly be belivers (moms/ministers), and feel supported by it all, and feel inspired to write and read their writings. Anything else to add?


  2. Hi Roxanne…fortunately, I was the last of my friends that started blogging so I was the one that had to be convinced. I have really found my own voice through blogging and gained so many lasting relationships. Keep it up and your friends will see the difference even in your daily life. Can’t wait to start reading your blog!

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