Lost In Love

Sonicare Toothbrush

Today is the first day of my week-long, 5 year anniversary vacation!

Today, I am lost in love with my husband

Today, I know he really loves me back…do you want to know how I know???

We share a Sonicare electric tooth brush (one electric base…two brush heads). He ALWAYS ALWAYS changes the head to my brush for me. So at any time, I can pick up the brush and it always is ready for me. 

This may sound lame, but to me, this is a sign of love. Real love. Sacrificing love. Married kind of love. 

How do you know when it’s true love?



Don’t Post in Haste

Mark and I have learned a very important lesson in blogging this week: don’t post in haste.

On separate occasions this week, Mark and I have hurt people through our blogs – people we love dearly. Hurt them to the point of tears and to the point where we have had to ask for lots of forgiveness from God and the people we hurt.

Even though a blog can be a place to vent our thoughts,
we need to run to God with those thoughts before we run to our blog. 

We are searching our hearts for any other anger or bitterness we might have in our hearts so that we can take it to God to deal with. We refuse to let these blogs be places for Satan to use for harm. 

What lesson have you learned about blogging?

Side Pony Tail

Well, in my last post I forgot to mention that my hair was also in a side pony tail at my CEO’s house – A SIDE PONY TAIL. I was at my CEO’s house to babysit his daughter because he was having a private event at his home. Little did I know that the event included some of Denver’s most prestigious and prominent leaders – including some of my colleagues. I didn’t think I would be seen by anyone and I wanted to dress silly to have fun with his daughter. Well, I was seen by all…

This is me when I was 5…and this is how I felt on Thursday night:

The Real Judi

I learned something very special through this experience: I am ME! That is a great thing. I will always be me – even when I feel like conforming.

I will never conform, I will never back down, I won’t stop telling people about Jesus and I won’t feel bad about who I am.

When I look at the picture above…I can’t help but smile. I hope you can smile today about who you are.

We are young and we are FREE! We can change this world and do things that make a difference….all of this from a side pony tail, some sequin, leggings and POLKA DOT thongs with more sequin on them.

Embarrassed of Me…

I had an elementary school moment last night. I didn’t have the coolest clothes, the best hair, the thinnest body, or the cultured language…and I was embarrassed of me.

So Embarrassed

I felt so stupid when I got home last night because I know who I am, I know I’m a child of God, and I feel like I’m a confident leader, but somehow I still get caught up in stupid mind games. URG! Will it ever stop?

Will I feel this way when there’s a better mommy or a more accomplished marketing professional standing in front of me? At what point will I not be plagued with embarrasment because I’m not dressed quite right for an event?

Are there any stories in the bible where someone was wearing the wrong outfit…I guess so…David danced himself to the point of nakedness and had no embarrassment. HA! NAKED! If David can dance naked, I can wear a sequin shirt with leggings and flip flops (yes…that is actually what I wore) to a CEO’s home.

What can you do?!?!?!

Opportunity for Joy

  1. Today, we paid $872 in car repairs to our new (we got it in May last year) Passat
  2. Last night, we said our final goodbyes to Pastors Ben & Holly
  3. Mark & I still aren’t pregnant

And then…I read James 2:

2 when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. 3 For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. 4 So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

When TROUBLES come…you have an OPPORTUNITY for JOY. It’s the only way God can grow your faith and make you perfect and complete!

What troubles are you facing….can you stir up your faith to get some joy today?

Don’t Misquote Me

Yesterday, I attended a community event for the upcoming DNC in Denver in August. To my shock, I was in the Rocky Mountain News today….crazy public forums! I don’t even think that’s what I said, but it sounds pretty good anyway:

Judith Thomas - DNC, Rocky Mountain News

Pickle Juice Sno-Cones

I’ve been writing about alot of deep things that “plague” me, so I wanted to lighten things up around here with a simple question:

What GROSS/CRAZY/WEIRD food did you eat as a child,
but you thought it was totally normal at the time??!?!?!

My friends and I have been discussing this for some time. It’s so hilarious to hear what some people ate as children – our parents were so cruel!

When I was a child…we ate pickle juice sno-cones – and I still think they are delicious!

Pickle Juice Sno-Cone