All Shook Up

Last night, Mark and I came home after band practice and we had a dream session.

Do you ever do that? We talked about the things we are excited about in our church, our lives and our future. We got all pumped up – it was 9 pm at night and we were jumping up and down and talking as fast as we could.

I love these moments. These are defining moments. Sections of time where you have so much clarity and so much direction. I wish I had a recording of last night to replay when I’m feeling down, depressed or lost.

Here’s a few things stirring in our hearts right now:

  1. Our church is amazing
  2. The volunteers at our church are even more amazing. Guys like Sean and Josh are writing music, leading worship, faithfully (and joyfully) serving – and not getting paid a dime to do it! AWESOME!!!
  3. The music at our church is transformational and needs to be heard worldwide
  4. We can step up RIGHT NOW and be every change that we wish to see in our lives, church, and world!

That’s just a peek and I’m sure you’ll keep hearing about what’s going on and what God is stirring in us.

Are you pumped up about what God is doing?


6 thoughts on “All Shook Up

  1. My husband and I just had one of those moments last night. Whenever we minister on the same stage at the same time, there’s always a amazing connection and intimacy that God uses to remind us why he put us together. Last night after I sang at a worship musical, we just talked and talked and talked all the way home, about all the things God could “possibly” be up to. I love it when we do that.

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