Financially Stable

All of the cars in the ProLogis parking lot are new and nice. We are a growing, thriving, and global company (one of the few in the world) and it shows.

I’m so blessed to work here. It’s so good to see the people of this company flourishing. I want the same for the people at my church. I want them to be blessed financially and I want them all to be able to flourish.  Can a church be growing, thriving, and global too????

Jesus talked about money and possesions all of the time and yet so many people squirm in church when finances or money is talked about. The CEO of my company, Jeff Schwartz, was quoted as saying:

We are striving to build a truly sustainable enterprise, one that delivers enduring value.

Now, that’s what I call a mission statement.

Have I been working at corporate too long??


7 thoughts on “Financially Stable

  1. Ministry costs money – that’s just how it works. Your CEO’s statement is wise, it’s all about longevity. Nobody wants to be a flash in a pan. It’s about sustaining your mission over the long haul.

    I think the statement above, partnered with a Godly vision for the restoration for the world, would make for a great ministry mentality.

  2. Sustainability is huge! Well, at least, in the definitions I’ve known it as, I think it is.

    I think that is really the key. When I read about the talents or when Jesus talked about $ in general, I don’t see amount being the key factor as much as stewardship. I think what we really need to wrestle with as believers in this country is ‘What is stewardship?’ Methinks it’s a bit different from a Jesus point of view than it is from a standard American one. I think He’s way more concerned with how we are blessing with our money than how our 401k is doing (not that He has no care for that).

    Recently, I’ve been convicted. In 2006 I made 70k in 9 months, but couldn’t keep track of all expenses. Plus, I still was where I started at the end (well, with a lil more fun and basically just shuffled debt around). The next year, I worked 1/4 as much (15 hours-ish/wk) but still made 45k from being able to work smarter and less worn out. That was a much better use of my time. That being said, I still had about 1k/month in car expenses and I need the car for my biz. So THIS year I make about 1/6 of what I did last year, but I got rid of my car and am simplifying lots. I live my life totally in a 10 block radius. I still don’t live quite as comfortably and can stand to bring in another 10-20% but I’m about 3x happier and I feel like I’m using my time for much more Kingdom purposes. I guess this is why I think Jesus stewardship often doesn’t look like American stewardship.

    Those are my random thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity for me to sort ’em out, Judi! It’s good for me to look back and reflect on where God is taking me.

  3. no, the church just hasn’t been listening to you for long enough yet. I can’t wait to see ideas like this hitting home for us.

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