Good-Bye Vegas, Hello Denver

Mark and I had a lovely time in Vegas celebrating our 5-year anniversary.

Here are some thoughts from Vegas:

  1. Taxi drivers can save your life and tell you everything you need to know about Vegas (a whole other blog post)
  2. Vegas is only fun if you have alot of money to spend.
  3. It’s hotter than Hades, but you don’t burn – WEIRD!
  4. There are CHILDREN EVERYWHERE in Vegas – WHY!?!?!?
  5. One Vegas block = One mile
  6. Do not walk on the sidewalk in Vegas in June at 3 pm in the afternoon.
  7. Don’t expect anything.
  8. You have to look for trouble to find it.
  9. Don’t eat at the buffet at the Wynn.
  10. Always buy the $1 bottled water from the lady selling it from a cooler on the street – that’s the cheapest item you will buy in Vegas and it can save your life.

Are you going on vacation this summer!?!?!

Mark and Judi in Vegas


10 thoughts on “Good-Bye Vegas, Hello Denver

  1. Haha, all this is so true. ‘cept I never ate at the Wynn. Kinda surprised it wasn’t good. That’s a fancy place! Just goes to show ya…

    I think the cheapest item in Vegas that I remember was the free porn on the side of the road. It was probably also the most traumatic on my first visit at 12. Just keep looking forward when you walk on the sidewalk in Vegas. What a strange place…

  2. Good stuff. You must stay hydrated in the summer. One drink (booze), one water. Keep with that rotation and you will live to enjoy the next day.

    More kids than usual in town, but that is because more international visitors taking family vacations here. Our dollar is “monopoly money” (almost worthless) to them.

    A Vegas “block” is actually 1/2 mile on The Strip and 1/2 mile around the rest of the area. But I agree… don’t think that the next stoplight is a 3 minute walk.

    You can do Las Vegas without breaking the bank. Just not at the major, huge, upscale resorts. Casino Royale always had dollar beers (at loeast one brand for $1 in a bottle) and dollar margaritas. In the big resorts, hit the gift shop (not the bar) for bottled water or beer. It is cheaper and you don’t have to tip.

    Will disagree on the taxi drivers. They are so full of crap I wonder how they can live with themselves. Look… they spend 12 hours a day driving. You think they actually get out and do “tourist” stuff on their time off? No… they get the hell away from any visitors.

    What they do is blab and make you like them (and make you think you are getting “inside” info) so you will 1. Tip more and 2. be distracted that they are long-hauling you. This has been going on for years. Reference:

    Great all-around post. Enjoyed reading it!

    Ted Newkirk
    Managing Editor
    Access Vegas

  3. Been there twice now. So nice.

    I did that thing on the top of the Stratosphere. Crazy!

    We collected change buckets from every casino on the strip.

    I could watch the fountains at the Bellagio for hours.

    I love the dry heat.

    Now I want to go back.

    It’s a shame my brother doesn’t live there anymore.

  4. @Ted Newkirk – thanks for the scoop! We stayed at the Wynn which was really nice, but the service was terrible and food overpriced beyond belief. We had to walk to other hotels to get a decently priced meal. Other than that, the Wynn was a beautiful place to stay. Let me know if you need some info from a first timer and more thoughts on Vegas…I could blog about vegas for weeks!!!

    @Mudpuppy – Agree, the bellagio fountains are amazing, but we never saw them at night – I was really bummed about that. If you like the dry heat, you should come to Denver – we invented Dry heat!

  5. Sounds like you guys had a good time. Stacie and I hit up Orlando last week and had a blast. I plan to blog on it later. I dig your blog, Judi!

  6. BRADY!!!! I’m so honored to have a comment from the famous and rare-blogger – BRADY!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Vegas would have been alot more fun with Friends…

  7. I disagree with 8.
    I was just looking at my shoes while walking through vegas and saw a bunch of porn on the ground, then i looked away and saw porn on a truck, and when i looked away from that – you gessed it! I saw a lagoon with pirate ships and a large crowd gathering to watch a musical extravaganza about pirate hookers…

    ah vegas…
    the only thing i like there is, in n out, and Cirque Du Soleil!

  8. EVAN! I don’t look at my feet when I walk…sorry! All we saw was a TON of kiddos.

    We didn’t go outside much so that might be the reason for the lack of porn sightings.

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