Ask and You Shall Receive

This morning, after reading in 1 John 1:8 that says,

“if we claim to be without sin, we are deceived and the truth is not in us”

I asked God “What sin is possibly in my life right now???? What am I not seeing that is deceiving me???

Well, not even 30 minutes later he revealed to me that my finances are not in such great shape and I am not financially devoted and stable as God would like me to be. My discipline SUCKS when it comes to finances.

Of course, He reveals this right before my big trip to VEGAS where I plan on blowing every last dime in my bank account on buffets, clothes, and Cirque de Soleil shows. WHY, GOD, WHY?!????!? Why do you have to tell me this now….oh yeah, because I asked….

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! The word of God is true and just. If you ask God with a heart to listen, he will tell you the truth – be ready for it!

What are you asking God to tell you? Is your heart ready for the answer???



6 thoughts on “Ask and You Shall Receive

  1. I ask my girls one night what was their favorite gift or memory, now granted at the time they were 12 and 8 but I had spent thousands of dollars on big ticket Christmas and Birthday gifts.
    I started with the 12 year old, with excitement in her voice she proceeded to tell me how she loved me sliding her and her cousins on a quilt on a wood cabin floor until they would all fly off. The youngest one said helping build her tree house. We went around 3 times each before I had to actually ask them what material items were their fondest memory, one said a twelve dollar barbie with fiber optic collar (No sequins or side pony tail), the other was a twenty dollar horse that walked. Proud of both of them but also disappointed in myself in spending so much for no reason. So once again I’m rambling, but go to Vegas, spend a little money, but make even more memories they can be free. You’ll remember those much longer. Save the money for when that little one comes your way!

  2. YES! i’m down for that song.
    you mean as a group, or me leading again?
    I LOVE Doing the verses to that one!

    Let me know… 🙂
    Plus i need to call mark about Only One

  3. I’ve sought God for my momma, who deserves a radical man of faith to marry her. I’m ready for a good answer. I’m used to the not so good answer…

    I lost my wallet on this trip to pennsylvania. I learned an invaluable lesson about FINANCES…

    If you don’t bring your noose, you can’t hang yourself.

  4. ugh. no. i dont think my heart is ever ready for the answer. but more than that…im never really ready, or even willing, to ask. cause, yes, He does always answer…but sometimes i like to play dumb. like with you in this post…i would have totally asked AFTER the Vegas trip. yep, mmm-hmmmm. 😉

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