Lost In Love

Sonicare Toothbrush

Today is the first day of my week-long, 5 year anniversary vacation!

Today, I am lost in love with my husband

Today, I know he really loves me back…do you want to know how I know???

We share a Sonicare electric tooth brush (one electric base…two brush heads). He ALWAYS ALWAYS changes the head to my brush for me. So at any time, I can pick up the brush and it always is ready for me. 

This may sound lame, but to me, this is a sign of love. Real love. Sacrificing love. Married kind of love. 

How do you know when it’s true love?



12 thoughts on “Lost In Love

  1. When we were first married, whoever got up first would put toothpaste on the other’s toothbrush and then go get them up. But now we use differently shaped toothbrushes and they don’t lay on the edge of the sink anymore.

  2. Even after 23 years of marriage, letting her sleep on your arm even though all blood has been cut off and paralysis has set in from your shoulder to your finger tips. But it doesn’t matter, you just want her to remain there.

  3. small town dad that is so sweet!. I know its true love when your husband sees you for who you really are, just like your family sees you.

  4. That’s so sweet. I just fix dinner when my wife has had a long day. I never thought of sonic care brushes. Dang! I am so lame!!!!! (I’m celebrating for you guys! Enjoy the time off!!) 🙂

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments about your spouses, well my spouse is in a forign country of Ghana,We have been in contact with each other for 14 months now and we have set a date for our wedding on the 4th of October, but My husband to be is finding it very hard trying to save enough to come and rescue me from Ghana and take me back to Australia with him, So are theree any generous people in this World who could come up with a plan to help him with return Airfares and a bit extra for our wedding, love to hear from you all, send word to little_doe_20@yahoo.com.au
    Thank you all so very much then we will share all our pics with you all when we arrive back in Australia after a short Honeymoon in New Zealand thank you all from Twina River’s

  6. Asking your wife if she wants to split the last ice cream sandwich, even though you really want the whole thing! Last night that really tested my love! and I love ice cream.

  7. Is your “Love” really LOVE?
    Is my “love” really LOVE?
    I think our love isn’t LOVE, unless it’s love to the end.

    -From- AS CITIES BURN’s song Clouds

  8. That’s cute. I bet true love def looks something like that! Sacrificial love… so sweet and so the Gospel.

    Stop making me think about marriage! I’m a bachelor ’til the rapture I tells ya!

    Haha jk

    sorta 😉

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