Above Reproach

There are some awesome things happening at our Church and in our lives. With everything in side of us, we feel like revival is imminent. Transition and change is sweeping through our lives…growth is everywhere.

Mark and I took a very difficult look at our lives yesterday. We know that we must prepare for this new time in our lives. It’s time to investigate seemingly innocent pleasures in our life that might lead to destruction down the road. As a result of that investigation…I bring everyone some very sad news…. 


Yes, it’s true…we have been slaves to our TV – the reality shows, Japanese game shows, and mindless sitcoms. We have not been able find time to read our bibles, write songs, or spend time with God because we sit and stare at the TV for hours.

God helps us!  Oh yeah…no more SATC for me…



14 thoughts on “Above Reproach

  1. Yay! Judi, I don’t know you, but I’m so happy for you both! Since not having TV in our home for the last while, I sometimes think “when did I have time for that?” The famous book Bowling Alone says that TV is the number one cause for loss of communal life and culture in our society 😦 (I’d say there are some other reasons, too, but crazy!) I pray the Lord blesses you both in this time!

  2. Wow, that is so good! And such a statement to God about how much you both want to draw closer to Him and His purposes for your lives. I relate to this challenge about TV and other things taking up time that could be better spent. Good on you both, and God bless.

  3. I’ve wanted to tell everyone how lame cable is, and i have preached to friends on it a few times, but to hear that this is a personal conviction is great. THIS is Fabulous!
    Seriously proud of you. Praise Jesus who frees us.

  4. I think this is an amazing idea. I’m glad we never got cable here at the boy house, and just hearing about your decision is inspiring for me to be more productive with my time.

  5. so, this morning i do my usual saturday morning ritual. grab my cup of joe and head down to the cave to watch saturday morning tv… which i love. and i can’t find anything to watch. nothing that interests me. then i start watching my dvr’d stuff. still, i’m unsettled. and this blog keeps coming to mind. part of me wishes i never read this post!! but the other part says, “the Holy Spirit is drawing you to do more and be more than a lump on a couch staring mindlessly at a television set.”
    thanks for being that iron that sharpens iron. i know this is sharpening me.

  6. Lol, wow. That really hit a nerve with ppl, Judi! In a good way! Way to be inspiring.

    P.S. my grandma corrected me from spelling her name “Judy” the other day because she said that it never made sense to her to shorten Judith to Judy, but Judi. I said, “What about Bob?” Which was not a movie reference, haha. Either way, she didn’t have much of response to that.

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