Unexpected Loss

This year has been filled with unexpected loss. Mark and I lost our first baby. Teresa lost her dad. Pastors Ben & Holly lost their jobs. We lost Pastors Ben & Holly. Steven Curtis Chapman lost his daughter.

There’s a difference between loss…and unexpected loss. The kind of loss that blindsides you right when life seems so perfect – too perfect maybe. Pastor Ben spoke with great boldness last night as he told us that he would no longer lead Catalyst. He spoke about the great people of faith mentioned in Hebrews 11. How did they become great people of faith – through unexpected loss and constant belief that God will still provide a way.

Mark wrote a song about our unexpected loss. Incidentally, he finished it the day Teresa’s dad passed away, and he played it for the first time when Pastor Ben shared his news and also the day that Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter was killed.

When he played the song last night, people started weeping, shouting, clapping, and kneeling before God (this was before they even heard Pastor Ben’s news) – me included.


16 thoughts on “Unexpected Loss

  1. Sudden loss of someone you love, there is no pain equal. I lost my father-in-law in a auto accident almost twenty years ago. He was truly a inspiration in so many ways, religion, family, work ethics and much much more. Although religious, the accident tested my faith and love for God. How someone so good for the world could be taken from it. Years later while attending a Superbowl church event, they played a video of the Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy that had lost his son to suicide earlier that year. Tormented by the same question as I about death.
    He explained that a friend, knowing Tony Dungy is very religious, ask if he had a chance to pull his son from heaven and bring him back, would he do it. He said no. I would say no. If you truly believe in God and how wonderful his house is, we would all say no. Someday I believe I will see my father-in-law, Grandparents and other loved ones in the most loving house of them all, never to be apart again.

    Keep the faith, Love those you have, and work to join those that have gone.

    Sorry for the lengthy comment.

  2. Was it the song played at the end? that was truly God inspired! This really does suck sooo much. But really, I have to not be selfish and think that God has huge plans for them…and that this hard time isn’t meant for distruction but a time to for God to really reach into peoples lives. I was thinking last night, sometimes so much debris gets in our view…whether it be good debris or not. Like what Ben said about every cruth falling oof so all we have to rely on is God, as sucky as the sitution is, what a blessing it is to almost be forced to get closer to and fall more in love with our Provider, Rescuer, Father, Friend!

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  4. Encouragement for the Catalyst kids: Pastor Aaron is one of the best leaders I have ever worked with. I would follow that guy any where. I am really excited to see what he has in store for the team.

  5. It’s a hard fact we tend to forget but this world and all that is in is the temporary place, under the curse of constant groanings and loss. His Kingdom is the eternal land and we have to keep our head in it, and our heart’s needs totally dependent on the Lord. Life’s ebbs and flows will continue throughout and the only place you find grace to live through the good times humbly and bad times sweetly is by being committed to see Jesus perspective in each change and rejoice always, even when His decisions are hard. But one day….

  6. @Tam. We aren’t sure where our youth pastor is going yet. He is still looking for an opportunity.

    The good new is that we have a current pastor at the church that is going to fill the roll. He is an amazing leader and I know he is the perfect person for the job!

  7. When i heard that Mark wrote that song i almost, not to be vulgar, poo-ed myself! God was really intently in that room on wed. night, taking care of his loved ones…and Thank you to Mark for being a Vessel that God used in a time of “unexpected loss”!

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