My Dear Friends

I am so amazed at my friends. My heart is so overwhelmed by their kindness, love, thoughtfulness and generosity. Here are some things my friends did for me this month:

  1. Tiffany (my best friend in the whole wide world), stayed up and watched countless hours of reality TV with me. She had already seen all of the shows, but I didn’t. So, she watched everything AGAIN…just for me
  2. Jonas gave Mark & I tremendous advice and wisdom on many issues
  3. Brie gave me her prized Guess purse! It is the most beautiful purse I’ve ever owned and she just gave it to me with no pretenses…out of pure love
  4. Kate & Dustin stayed out until midnight on a weekday talking with me and Mark about life…just talking and it was great
  5. Teresa let me vent and shared amazing Godly advice in a time of need for me.
  6. Mel skipped her dance class to come to my house for Cinco de Mayo…that was a huge sacrifice for her
  7. Josh took Mark to church so I could sleep in 20 more minutes on Sunday morning
  8. Hoshi helped me with the grocery shopping while I was home sick
  9. Sean encouraged me with my new song and he showed me his new song (it’s awesome by the way)
  10. Shelly listened to my stories of how I really found God at DU

As you can see, I’m so blessed. Take a look around you and treasure the people God has put in your life. Once I started thinking about this list, I could only think of one or two things. I almost overlooked some very impactful situations (I’m sure I still missed some), but the point is to not take for granted what God has given you. Even the most simple conversation or a friend listening to you is a blessing. I don’t know what I would do without these people in my life.

Thanks guys…


10 thoughts on “My Dear Friends

  1. There’s just too much about you to love Judi!! We can’t help it!

    I’m with you on counting your blessings in the friends God’s placed around you…we’ve got stinking amazing people in our lives. It’s so refreshing. And as a bonus, we can laugh in the presence of the Lord.

  2. you are easy to love, Judi! We are happy to stay up however late we need to on a weeknight to spend time with you and mark. you two are worth missing a little sleep over.

  3. That is so true. I think that a lot of people take for grant what God had gave them. Your awesome! God is always blessing me. I am so happy your in my life.
    Why am I not on your friends?

  4. you know, i was just about to write a similar blog about all of the wonderful people who carried me through last week. my heart is overwhelmed with joy from all of the wonderful friends God has placed in my life. you are so wonderful and words can’t express how much i love you!

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