Pastor Aaron, the amazing leader of Elevate, held a “Why We Worship” class yesterday. We do one of these classes every month, and it’s the highlight of my month.

He said a few things that challenged me (deep in my heart) and shook my core:

  • What we do on Sunday [worship leading from the stage], should just be an expression of how we live everyday.
  • It is NOT okay to hate someone because they are unrighteous.
  • A key to loving other people is that we don’t care if we are loved back.
  • There’s NO justification for not loving people (not even if they are the crazy people at church that won’t shut up or the jerk that just cut you off while driving!)

Chew on that! Also read what happened at Jenni’s church yesterday…good stuff. I love when Jenni recaps stuff she reads and sermons she hears.

What did you get to chew on yesterday????


8 thoughts on “OUCH!!!!

  1. Great question Judi,

    The line that stays with me from worship yesterday is “If people get treated better at Cracker Barrel than at Church, they will choose Cracker Barrel every Sunday.”

  2. on your first point…

    “What we do on Sunday [worship leading from the stage], should just be an expression of how we live everyday.”

    Absolutely agree. My husband is a worship Pastor and there are a couple people on the team that get perturbed when Brent doesn’t pray for our hearts to be prepared for worship. He always asks them “did you not come prepared – how has your week been? have you been worshiping this week? we can’t expect them (congregation) to go somewhere we haven’t been.”

    I got to chew on a new series we started this weekend…30 Days to Live. We’re focusing on the “dash” the span that happens between birth and death. How would we live, love and act if our dash was just given 30 more days?

    pretty thought provoking.

  3. @Tam…that’s a good one: why doesn’t the pastor pray for your hearts to be prepared to worship.

    Interesting topic of 30 days…I don’t know how I would act towards people, but I do know I would eat ALOT of food.

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