A Peek Inside

Yesterday, I was some sick with some bad throat pain and swelling. I ended up driving Mark to work and hanging with the Elevate crew for a while. I got to peek in on what ministry is like on a typical church day. It was really inspiring to see a few things happen in our ministry at ORCC:

  1. Teresa, my amazing friend who just lost her dad, came by and several people hugged, loved, and comforted her
  2. Pastor Aaron, our fearless worship leader, spent time with a young muscian who just wanted swing by to jam on the acoustic guitar for a bit
  3. Mark, my incredible husband and talented (but humble) band leader, focused on his heart before worshiping
  4. Kate, my beautiful friend and Associate Children’s Pastor, made time to love on Teresa and catch up with me
  5. Chrissie, my friend and faithful Elevate intern, stepped in where she was needed and graciously picked up for Teresa in a time of need

This was all in a couple of hours of work at our chuch. If this is just a glimse of the amazing people and love flowing from this ministry, then I know I’m in the right place.

Let’s encourage those who work at making our churches and ministries a success.

Tell me something great about your church or ministry!


7 thoughts on “A Peek Inside

  1. and my incredible, wonderful, beautiful and amazing friend judi-free ministered to me in my time of mourning and loved on me in my time of need.

  2. I am the only blogger at my church. They look at me and say, “What is blog?” lol’

    Sounds like you have a fantastic group of people there at Elevate, Judi!

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