OK…this is a test

Yep, God is testing me. Just how authentic can I be with a group of internet readers? Just how much will I reveal?

Well, last year, I lost 40 lbs. Yep, it was a huge accomplishment. Below are before (with Mayor Hickenlooper!) and after pics:

Judith With Mayor HickenlooperHeadshot

I really hate any pictures of “before”. And now, sadly to say, I’m almost back up to my “before” weight. Kelli’s blog is encouraging me to hop back on the wagon (5 lbs down already) – especially since I’ll be hitting the beaches in Cancun in about 6 weeks. Updates to come…

This is as vulnerable as it gets for me – talking about weight issues. What’s your vulnerable issue?


7 thoughts on “OK…this is a test

  1. I just wanted to comment on how much of a stoner hickenlooper looks like…lol

    I think it’s great you are wanting to be more healthy! I am right there with ya. The good news is, you’ve done it once, you can do it again!

  2. So..I think that is really brave to tell everyone that. I think I am vulnerable about being myself, as weird as that sounds. I feel like a misfit most of the time. I kind of hid in the backround of “normalcy” for a while…if that makes sense, but it wasn’t who God made me. And I have my vanity issues too. Like looking 14 when Im almost 20 and being in the background to my beautiful sisters and friends. So there…I said it. You are an awesome inspiration! And I think you are gorgeous. No one should look perfect everytime I see them, but somehow you pull it off.

  3. first of all, you are amazingly beautiful!!!

    secondly, my insecurity is that people will get to know me and see the real me and decide i’m not worth the effort. that there’s really not much to me that is good. but, i suppose that there isn’t and that’s what make Jesus so great. he is my absolute strength in my absolute weakness.

  4. Judi, thanks for being so real and open on your blog. (p.s. your pics are hot! except for hickenlooper of course. your eyes are wowsers!)
    I’m going to avoid your question at the end of the blog on purpose…still working on some tender issues and am a bit too afraid to be vulnerable. But I appreciate the fact that your blog reminded me that these things in my life really do need to get dealt with. πŸ™‚

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