Where Do You Go?

I’m having a bad day; a terrible day in fact.

One of those days where nothing goes right and I feel so defeated. I know I have to lead worship tonight so I took a time out and regrouped. There’s a sweet little lake by our office where I can go on days like this to piece it all back together. Here’s some quick shots from my phone (I don’t know why my nose looks so big…this day has GOT to end!):

Judi at the lake

little dirty lake

Where do you go to regroup, relax, think, stay sane?!?!?!


14 thoughts on “Where Do You Go?

  1. judi, my friend. can i tell you that i am having such a bad day too! it is hard to have a day like this and then lead something at night. i actually made myself get away, put on some worship music pray and relax. if i wouldn’t have done this, then i know i would have blown up at someone. days like this suck. but it is nice to hear someone else feels the same way. see you tonight!

  2. holy cow! i’m having the exact same day. sitting at my computer and trying not to burst into tears and run away. i’m listening to worship at my desk and just really seeking the Lord to get through. i’m leading worship in main sanctuary tonight and feeling completely incapable. can we say yuk 3x!?!?

  3. Ugghhh… I hate these kind of days! Be encouraged that God has gifted you and is planning to work through you as you lead worship tonight even though you don’t feel like it. Good for you that you made yourself disconnect and regroup – sometimes that’s the last thing I do when I feel like that even though it’s the first thing I need to do.

  4. I hate these kind of days too 🙂 I like to find solitude in a box of chocolate…..just kidding. Actually, sometimes I have to take a deep breath and start listing all the great things that are going on in my life, even if its just things like Im healthy, I have a great family, I have a great husband etc. All the things that matter. That usually snaps me out of it. But then there are days where the ony thing that will make it better is for the day to be over 🙂
    My Mom use to always help me reconize if it was a spiritual attack….since you are going to worship the Lord tonight and lead a bunch of young people into his presence, it could be a good bet that its spiritual.
    Your awesome! The day is almost over 🙂

  5. 1st off, that picture is gorgeous…so I dont know ehre the big nose thing came from. But wasn’t worship awesome! IM glad you got your miracle.

  6. Wow, Josh. Me too!
    No really…I usually just find the nearest bed, curl up, cry intensely, then take a nap. Oh how sleep helps me regroup.
    I wasn’t in Catalyst last night – how did it end up going for you?

  7. judi! I am so sorry that I didn’t come down for my hug. 😦 Last night was weird… I will have to tell you about it another time, but i left pretty quickly and didn’t want to stay long. part of the whole “bad day” thing.

  8. Your so Beautiful. Your nose is not big at all. Your so cute! You looked so beautiful last night! 🙂 I want to be like you. Lol

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