To Tell the World About It

I love finding inspriation in the most unlikely places. I was listening to an audio recording of my company’s President & COO – Walt Rakowich. I am so honored to work for this man. He has a heart of gold and he cherishes the people that work for him. He is helping so many in the world through our company.

In a presentation he was making regarding the ProLogis sustainability commitment, he said the following which hit me like a ton of bricks:

It’s one thing for us all (meaning internally) to talk about it; it’s another thing to tell the world about it.

This made me think of how we all blog and talk in our church circles about the great things we are doing, but it’s something else entirely to tell the world about it. Walt makes the comment that when you tell the world what you are doing and what your goals are, then it’s like having a gun to your head – they will hold you to it!

Let’s tell the world about Jesus and hope they hold a gun to our heads to live according to His love.


One thought on “To Tell the World About It

  1. that’s why i miss working in the secular world at times. such incredibly access to non-believers and an opportunity to live out my life for Christ in front of others who are watching to see if i really do walk the talk. it was a very refining time for my faith.

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