It’s Friday! Mark, Jonas & Jared are on their way to Chicago. I’m leaving work early. It’s going to be a pretty good day.

Since it’s Friday and I fully plan on hitting happy hour at Sonic with Tiffy, I thought I’d ask all of you:

What’s your signature Sonic drink??
Sonic Drinks

Mine is Large Unsweetened Ice Tea with Extra Ice and Extra Lemon – I can’t wait!


19 thoughts on “Ahhh…Friday

  1. I sadly, have never had a fun drink from Sonic! We dont have them in Washington (Sonic that is) and so I never think of going there. Now I feel inspired to go and try something out. Especially since I see the joy that it brings to everyone who commented on this blog.
    Is Mark on a fun trip to Chicago?

  2. Yeah! Mark is on his way to see some friends and spend some quality time with his Bro. He has never been so they are going to do all of the touristy stuff.

    Um…on the other hand – you live in Denver now and you MUST, MUST, MUST get something fabulous to drink at Sonic. They have happy hour – 2 for 1 drinks EVERYDAY!

  3. Route 44 Ocean Water, OR Route 44 Coke with Vanilla, because only Sonic makes it right. You know, not having a Sonic within driving range factored in greatly to me turning down that job in MD.

  4. Here’s how to say it (I’ve asked a dozen Sonic managers and they all tell me this gets the right buttons pushed by the order taker)

    “I’d like a Route (Pronounced Route here and Root in the South) 44 Diet Coke. Extra Lime. Easy Ice. Please.”

    Judith, my favorite Sonic is the one by ProLogis, but they all seem to do an excellent job of training and maintaining courteous people.

    One warning about Sonic drinks: I was told by a manager that they save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by purchsing slightly less thick drink cups. He said they have at least one person a day (including me now and then) who picks up a cup too close to the top and it breaks apart.

    As you can see, I am the Sonic Specialist! Tina

  5. HA! The breaking cup has happened to me one too many times. I have spilled a “root” 44 all over my car and all over my lap, but I still keep going back. I think it’s part of your training and testing period to be a sonic lover.

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