Creative Chaos #3 (3 for me…8 for Ragamuffin)

Creative Chaos

Curt & Shelly Waltrip… They are some awesome people who show so much of God’s love – to EVERYONE!

Curt is the drummer at our church & he builds custom drums, Joyful Noise Drum Company, and has been featured in Classic Drummer, Modern Drummer & Drum Magazine. Celebrities and even the Royal Opera House Orchestra use his drums. What’s even more awesome is that Curt & Shelly give a portion of all of their proceeds to World Child – a Christian Child Relief organization created by our church.

This is my creative chaos post because I do some design work for Curt & Shelly and they are a great inspiration to me of what it means to be a “giving person”:

Recent ad:

TKO Ad for Joyful Noise

Tradeshow Tri-Fold Brochure:



Picture (I didn’t take this picture, but look how pretty this drum is!):

Scrolled Elite



4 thoughts on “Creative Chaos #3 (3 for me…8 for Ragamuffin)

  1. Forks Drum Closet in Nashville sells Joyful Noise. The first I had heard of them, I imagined from the name that this was a Christian Company…sure enough….I was in Forks and some guys were talking about how good these snares were and how Curt Waltrip is doing such great things as a Christian in the drum-making industry.

    Very cool!!! Tell him to keep up the good work…from one drummer to another! I need to play one sometime.

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