I love technology. I really, really do. But I hate when people wear their bluetooth headsets all day long. I really don’t care how important you are…a bluetooth headset is NOT a statement of importance.

In the car = OK
In the airport = OK

In a restaurant = Not OK
In the bathroom = Not OK

I have had so many awkward moments where I think someone is talking to me (or talking to themselves) and then they point to their ear as they keep talking. Not just talking about business, but their Mom’s rash and their dog’s bathroom behavior – come on people! They talk LOUDER with the headset too.

No matter how technologically advanced we get, these bluetooth headset issues will remain the same. We will have flying cars and people will still think you are talking to yourself!

Bluetooth Loser


13 thoughts on “Bluetooth

  1. Ha! I totally agree with you. Sometimes I feel like that guy the the beer commercial who keeps talking to the girl who he thinks is talking to him…….its confusing.

  2. I’m absolutely with you on this!! I think having a little ear attachment makes people look like humans morphing into robots. It’s creepy weird. And horribly bizarre.

  3. not to mention that, despite what these people (men mostly) think, talking on your bluetooth does not make the rest of us think you’re super important and/or cool. It makes me want to hurt you.

  4. Me and Dustin always talk about if John was seeing the end times in Revelation and he had to describe people talking on their bluetooth. (LIke how giant grasshoppers spitting fire is probably just helicopters to us now). He probably would have been like, “people were selfish, speaking aloud with no one to hear…” Poor, silly John would not have understood technology.
    This comment really is strange, I know.

  5. I will tell you who wears them:

    35-55 year old men that were once in a fraternity and did “mad keg stands”. Seriously, it seems like a prerequisite to be a tool-bag if you use a bluetooth in the manner you talked about.

  6. “oh, i’m so important, i don’t have time to hold a phone to my ear. i’m a mover and a shaker baby. holding a phone is for common folk.”

    that’s what i would say if i had a bluetooth. u know who would’ve had a bluetooth? the “what if” episode on ‘friends’ when phoebe was a stock trader. she would’ve hit her bluetooth and yelled, “go!”

  7. I no longer use a blue tooth device for my phone because they are so lightweight I would forget I had it in my ear and several times realized I was wearing it when I had meant to leave it in the car. I mention that to say that not everyone who wears a blue tooth device is doing it to look impressive or even means to have it showing at all. (Now I use ear buds. Not so technological, but they work for my purposes and I don’t leave them in my ears all day!)

    However, actually carrying on phone conversations while wearing Blue Tooth devices around others, is preventable and I become irritated at people who do that. I would be much more accepting if the conversations I heard were serious business, “Yes, Nurse Smith. I’ll be there in a few minutes for the open heart surgery.” Or, “Buy $15 billion dollars of the oil stock and call me back to see if that helps the trade deficit.”

    But, you’re right, it’s usually chit chat. And you know how the conversation starts because of the part you can hear.

    Hello (at which point the other person says, “Hi, it’s Julie.”
    Hi!!! (at which point the other person says, “Whatcha’ doing?” )
    Oh, nothing special, what about you?

    I’m waiting for them to say, “I’m checking out groceries and talking to you will make me respond more slowly than usual and make it more difficult for the checker and everyone behind me. I’ll call you back.”

    I suppose there could be much more irritating things–and since I am easily irritated I find those too–but The Borg look is certainly right up there on my list!


  8. yeah, I always told myself when I saw someone with a headset on, that i will NEVER be THAT guy. Well, I am THAT guy now as of this week. I drive so much with my job and I’m on the phone a lot that it is safer this way. But, I will try my best not to offend NON-Bluetoothers and take it off when I leave my car. Funny discussion…

  9. This is the exact reason I started a website dedicated to the public humiliation of those who think they are superior enough to require the use of a bluetooth earpiece at ALL times regardless of whether there’s a conversation taking place on it or not.

    (homosapien that is)

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