My Fabulously Messy Life

I am officially embracing my messiness. My bedroom is messy, my office space is messy, and my car is messy. I do not apologize. I do not stress out about it. I do not look for more time to organize them.

I recently cleaned my desk and now I cannot remember where I put some very important papers. They are filed neatly somewhere, BUT I don’t have a clue. These lost little papers are haunting me. Everytime I “clean” out these three places – I lose something because I think of very creative places to put everything.

I’m done. No more cleaning out. No more straightening out. No more beating myself up about my messiness.ย This is who I am and I love it.

My messy desk:

It\'s all mine


12 thoughts on “My Fabulously Messy Life

  1. that is totally me! you may think my desk is messy, but i know what the piles on my desk are. ask me for a piece of paper, and i can find it. i feel empowered now!

  2. I work with a person who is the epitome of clean and detailed. I feel like a smelly mess across from her. My desk is never perfectly clean. My trash is emptied only when absolutely necessary. One day I caught her vacuuming my area when I was out of the office. I just feel like a desk full of papers and projects is a desk being well used. It shows I am hard at work. If my desk was clean my boss should be worried.

  3. Borrow a pen, help yourself. Need lunch money, here you go pay me when you see me. Touch any of the piles on and around my desk and there will be serious trouble!

  4. I’m kinda the same and kinda the opposite….At home, I’m a huge slob. My side of the bedroom is a wreak, there is stuff that I haven’t put away since I’ve lived here. But at work, I’m SUPER organized. Everything has a place, and at the end of every work day (even if I have to stay late to do it) I spend a minute just tiding up my desk. Crazy, right?

  5. Judi, Judi,, Judi! First, your desk is not at all what I would describe as super messy. My goodness! By most people’s standards it would be considered neat and tidy. So, you may be simply too tough on yourself about how things “ought” to be.

    The complaints I most often hear about workspaces are these: Old items that get confused with new items and vice versa; dusty or dirty appearing items or furniture; trash or food particles, inappropriate personal items–either because of the nature of the items or the quantity of “stuff”; when critical material can’t be found in an emergency; when the appearance of the workspace is distracting to a reasonable person (usually as interpreted by the supervisor or manager.)

    You and I corresponded about the neatness topic not long ago, so let me re-emphasize some of my thoughts about that: Maintaining an appropriately (key word!) tidy and functionally organized workspace has three purposes: 1. To help YOU function more effectively. 2. To have a workspace that is not distracting to others, and that contributes to your effectiveness as part of the team. 3. To use your workspace as part of your personal and professional marketing.

    One of the things we tend to forget at work is that the space is not ours–not legally and not from the viewpoint of “I can keep it anyway I want as long as I get my work done.” But, there is usually plenty of leeway for individual standards about how tidy to keep it. Most employers simply want work done well, in a workspace that is tolerable.

    However, many of us do not view “tolerable” as good enough for how we want to be viewed. Some people look tolerable in relation to their personal appearance, but YOU wouldn’t present yourself like that at work!

    We can use some of the guides for this issue as we can for many issues:
    *How is it working for me and others? How do I feel about it and how does it seem to make them feel?
    *Am I hearing complaints, or jokes that are thinly veiled complaints?
    *How does my workspace (or whatever) compare to that of others I respect, in similar work situations?
    *Would changing the current situation gain better results, and are those worth the effort?

    Now, after this long post-within-a-comment, let me remind you of one more thing: Finding a way that fits the criteria of working well for you in every way is not something that is accomplished in one organizing session. Now you know what doesn’t work well: Throwing things out, filing in obscure ways, stacking or whatever.

    That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea to try, or that you should give up, even though you aren’t comfortable with your workspace, merely because your recent efforts didn’t work well. It just means you haven’t yet found how you want to do it, or haven’t developed the habits you need to do it most effectively.

    Give yourself time and patience. Make it a fun and smiling self-discovery over time, rather than a test of endurance that you must pass this month or this year.

    Best wishes! TLR

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