The theme of Girl’s retreat was “Complete”. There I was trying to be a “leader” and God totally floored me with an issue that I needed to deal with.

About 2 months ago, Mark and I had a miscarriage. There…I said it. I’m not crying. I’m not hiding. I not scared. I’m not lonely. I’m not broken. I’m not angry…anymore.

This is why God had me to go Girl’s Retreat. I had to stare this ugly thing that happened to me in the face and give it COMPLETEly to God. It was painful but liberating.

I came back to Markie on Saturday evening a different woman. A confident and COMPLETE woman. We promptly went on the most romantic date ever and Mark listened to all of my girly teen stories of bonding and giggling. He just smiled at me the whole time. He was COMPLETEly in love with this girl that came back a strong woman. Oh…how he loves me.


5 thoughts on “Complete

  1. Praise God! Husbands are brilliant aren’t they? What a great bloessing God gave us when he made them…. or is it the other way around? I am thankful for you, and glad I found a wonderful nugget of truth for the day. Thanks! Amie

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