Girl’s Retreat

I’m headed to Girl’s Retreat for Catalyst right after work today. I have to admit that Mark forced me to come to a decision to go. The sad part is that I know I need to go, but I’m totally fighting God and wanting to give into my own selfish desires to stay home and relax in my house.

I know the retreat will be so awesome to mentor and share with the girls of our youth group, but even as I write this post I’m wrestling with my bad attitude. I am a giving person in terms of material things, but when it comes to giving time – I’m very resistant. I know God is working that out in me. I know I need to be obedient. I know I need to sacrifice….I just don’t want to. Is it really obedience if you go kicking and screaming?

Girls Retreat


5 thoughts on “Girl’s Retreat

  1. Personally I think that obedience is obedience no matter what. Definately we work towards learning to obey without an attitude but I think that God just wants us to do what he asks, not necssarily with a happy heart.
    I did not want to go to Africa the past February and Curt heard about it for 9 months. I knew in my heart that God wanted me to go but more than that, Curt said I had to go and I knew that I couldnt disobey. That didnt mean I didnt let him know I was not happy about going. Now I wish that I would have just been slient and obeyed… but God still blessed my obedience and I had a great time and was blessed as well as blessed people there.

  2. Thanks Kelli…I really appreciate your comment. I know in about 24 hours I’ll be posting on how awesome the retreat was and how much I’m glad I went.

  3. Suzie, it means alot to me that you are touched by the honesty. I am on a mission to be authentic and honest – it’s so hard, but I’m finding that it not only helps me, but it helps others be honest too. It’s very liberating.

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