Inspiration via Blog

Creative Chaos
Lately, I have found so much inspiration and creativity by reading other blogs.

Not just any old blogs, but blogs with authenticity and a willingness to be raw in front of their readers. Two of my new favorites are:

Ragamuffin Soul &

When I read how these people are changing lives by being real with people – I find myself emulating the desire to be real and creating so many new original ideas for myself. It forces me to reflect on my own life and authenticity – am I real with people, do I show my heart, do I care, do I love, etc.

It was while I was reading these blogs that I was inspired to write a song (see yesterday’s post) about how we are young and free to change this world and an entire generation. The proof is that there are people out there who are already doing it. What’s holding me back….just me I guess…

Keep blogging – I need it!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration via Blog

  1. Oh my goodness! I just got a comment from the amazing Anne Jackson – I am going blog wild right now (having a dance party in my cubicle).

    Anne, your authenticity has fundimentally changed me. thank you, thank you, thank you.

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